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ALEPH TO TAW - abreger was a semi-finalist at the NanoCon International Science-Fiction Film Festival.


A local newspaper printed a two page story about HawkFilme and HawkMedia Studios. Click here to view it.


Just published a sci-fi short story on Amazon/ Kindle:

TO beta-VANVERDEN AND BACK - a selection from the ATHOIA Anthology.

They undertook a momentous intergalactic mission to try to reclaim the former glory of their civilization.

Click here to go to the Amazon/Kindle page.


"ESQUIRE" is completed.
The cast includes Greg Nutcher from Spielberg's "BRIDGE OF SPIES" and Michael Barra from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.


HawkFilme trailers and films are on www.metacafe.com and the channel has 250,000+ views. Click here to view.


DOCTOR DO RONG and its trailer have more than 27,000 views on www.MetaCafe.com. Click here to view it.


"AND YET IT MOVES" and its trailer have 37,000+ views on the web. This is an animation film about Galileo and independent thinkers. Click here to view the film.


Ratings of my films on IMDb

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, MOE... (2011) on IMDb    Eeny, Meeny Miny, MOE...

(2011) on IMDb     Ethan

 Aleph to Taw: Part 4
(2010) on IMDb    Aleph to Taw: Part 4

 Our World Order
(2009) on IMDb     Our World Order

 Eaten by the Sea
(2009) on IMDb     Eaten By The Sea

 The Making of 'Time's Up'
(2009) on IMDb    The Making of Time's Up


Welcome to HawkMedia Studios

You are at the cyber home of HawkMedia Studios, an independent filmmaker located in Central Connecticut.

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The purpose of this website is to provide an overview of HawkMedia Studios. It is also to provide examples of our expertise, experience and capabilities. We, in association with our production companies, OldMan Hawk Film and HawkFilme, know how to start, execute and complete a film project. We've done it many times.

We hope you enjoy your stay and find something meaningful and beneficial while you're here.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support.